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My Food Diary - Lose Weight Fast

With some of the top tools on the web, My Food Diary will help you track your dieting progress. This is the place to start to get that summer body in 2019!

BBVA Bank Account

Best bank account option with non-chexsystem and for bad credit. Open your new checking account now.


Most Advanced Background Check Service in the US. See legit public and criminal records.

Kasamba Psychic Reading

Legit Psychic Reading 2019 Service to read your future or the connection you seek. Kasamba will read your future.

Lions IPTV

Watch all the international movies and shows you want to watch, right now. Visit Lions IPTV and get watching in minutes.

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Hot5 is a comparison site focusing on an incredible range of resources. Whether you need to find some decent antivirus software, want to get signed up to a dating site or are interested in finding out more about psychic reading, we’ve got thorough information and top-notch deals for you.

There are many categories of products and services available on Hot5. We’ve got VPN software, IPTV providers, leading credit reports, fantastic browser games and more. Our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for a range of people, which is why we have specialised content across finance, health, entertainment, lifestyle, security and much more.

With Hot5, you can find first-class services and goods at affordable prices from industries which are notoriously known for not being cheap. Every visitor has the freedom to compare and analyze features and prices to determine which brand meets their requirements.

Best Reviews and Ratings

  • Features and Highlights

How many searches and reports do the background check brands offer? Does the anti-virus brand offer parental control for families? How many devices can be connected per household for the service? Do the dating sites have a messaging app? What are the categories available to filter potential dates? These are the kinds of questions we answer in our reviews.

  • Customer support

Is their customer support team available around the clock? What are their contact methods? Do they have a telephone number? Email address? Live chat support? Is their response time prompt? Does the site have a FAQ section? How does the site ensure its members’ safety? Does it offer tips, tricks and additional knowledge? Is each member’s identity verified?

  • Payment methods

Are there a range of payment methods? Do they operate without any technical issues? Can you use anonymous cashier options such as Bitcoin? Are the payment processing times listed? Are customer funds managed securely? How do they protect against money laundering and fraud?

  • Shipping options

Can you opt for recorded or special delivery? Is postage and packaging reasonably priced? Is there customer protection if items arrive damaged? Can you contact the courier directly? Are the shipping times listed on the site? Do they have a refund policy?

  • Ease of use

Is the service compatible with Android and iOS devices? Is the brand’s site user-friendly? Are the brand’s details and facilities accessible on the homepage? Is the service fast and responsive?

  • Pricing

Is it affordable? Do they offer special deals and savings? Are there different packages to choose from, such as a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, a yearly plan, or even a two-year plan?

  • Reputation

Have they had any issues with the law in the past? How long has the company been active? Do they regularly receive good feedback from their customers? Are they an award-winning company?

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